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The Gambia

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"Gambia" diverts here. For the stream, see Gambia River.

Republic of The Gambia

Banner of The Gambia

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Maxim: "Advancement, Peace, Prosperity"

Hymn: "For The Gambia Our Homeland"


Area of The Gambia

Area of The Gambia


13°28′N 16°36′WCoordinates: 13°28′N 16°36′W

Biggest citySerekunda

Official languagesEnglish

National dialects


Ethnic gatherings (2003)

34.4% Mandinka

24.1% Fula

14.8% Wolof

10.5% Jola

8.2% Serahuli

3.1% Serer

1.9% Manjago

1.3% Bambara

0.5% Aku Marabou

1.5% other[1]


GovernmentUnitary presidential republic

• President

Adama Barrow

• Vice President

Ousainou Darboe

LegislatureNational Assembly


• from the United Kingdom

18 February 1965


• Total

10,689 km2 (4,127 sq mi) (159th)

• Water (%)



• 2017 gauge

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Kolingba suspended the constitution and ruled with a military junta until 1985. He presented another constitution in 1986 which was received by an across the nation submission.

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Enrollment in his new gathering, the Rassemblement Démocratique Centrafricain (RDC), was deliberate. In 1987 and 1988, without semi races to parliament were held however Kolingba's two noteworthy political rivals, Abel Goumba and Ange-Félix Patassé were not permitted to participate.[34]

By 1990, roused by the fall of the Berlin Wall, an expert popular government development emerged. Weight from the United States, France, and from a gathering of privately spoken to nations and organizations called GIBAFOR (France, the USA, Germany, Japan, the EU, the World Bank, and the UN) at last drove Kolingba to concur, on a fundamental level, to hold free decisions in October 1992 with assistance from the UN Office of Electoral Affairs. In the wake of utilizing the reason of suppos…